My Cardiff , Urban sketching: Site measuring

Video measuring techniques

citizen sketcher-site Measuring 

site m 1

In this photo you can clearly see the artist is checking the angle of the sloped street, and the height of the windows.

My version of site measuring

I feel scale within site measuring is important to ensure things are in proportion and perspective is correct at an early stage.

 Sketching from ‘outside in’.

I have drawn the outside silhouette shape first, spot check my accuracy, and then proceed to subdivide into smaller details.

  1. is to decide roughly how large I want the drawing on the page.
  2. Mark the top and the bottom of the subject and lightly sketch the outside silhouette shape.

site m 1

Site measuring works by extending your arm straight (elbow locked),

 (Line A) Keep the thumb in position on the pencil to preserve the measurement you have marked.

I will now keep that measurement and look for something I can compare my measurement against.

(Line B) In this case the height of the jar is equal to the width across the three cups.

(Line A = Line B)

Angle Check-Measuring the slope between two points.

When drawing outdoors, this is ideal for finding roof lines or checking perspective on narrowing city streets. I have used this method before ,I tend to look for where the lines come off the paper also as a guide.




Author: patricksullivancsad

I am a mature student studying art, and at present I am in year three of my Fine art degree at Cardiff School of art and design. Below is some more information about my journey thus far My love of Art has developed throughout the years and now I cannot imagine being without it in my life. From an early age, I have had a passion for art, I have a fond memory of my father asking me to draw an antique chair as “he thought it was worth a fortune”. However when he took the drawing to the antique dealer, the dealer said “forget the chair, who did the drawing?" However, my father having a triple heart bypass when he was 36 years old limited my chances to pursue this passion when I was younger. I am extremely enthusiastic about learning, and I am looking forward to challenging myself artistically and technically. The opportunities that university has provided, has been invaluable, particularly exploring new mediums such as ceramics, life drawing and painting. In my spare time, I enjoy visiting art galleries and museums which provide an opportunity to keep up to date with the art world. My favourite artists are Sarah Graham - her technique is unique and her still life pictures are bursting with colour whilst Craig Davison's paintings have a slightly scruffy appearence, with lots of energy and fun. My time in the Army, helped me gain skills, such as team work, discipline and a strong sense of independence which have proved vital. I have developed a sense of drive and determination to succeed in aspects of life. Having travelled widely, it has opened my eyes to the astonishing surroundings and this has inspired my ideas. I am excited for what is ahead, artistically.

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